TeKnife Keyword Scraper

Introducing Teknife Keyword Scraper :




– Supports All languages : English , Chinese , Russian , Arabic , French , ….etc .

– Easy to use with Multi threaded Responsive UI , Any time could Start , Stop , Resume .

– Built in Safe Mode , No Proxies or Captcha Service required .

– Supports multiple platforms : Google (all Geo Domains ) , Youtube , Amazon , Ebay . (more coming)

– Google Recursion searches Unique Feature : import one keyword (or more if want)
and generate unlimited related keywords (No Joke) .

– keywordseverywhere API implemented in the software , which is free service
to get keywords details , like CPC , search volume …etc .

– No Risk 100% , 7 days free software trial with full functionality , if this is not enough
you have other 30 days after purchase refund policy .

– Built in proxy checker (for google recursive searches) .





1. How to import Non English Keywords ?

-save the text file as UTF-8 encoding before importing it .

2. why start button for certain platform disabled after my search completed ?

this part from safe mode design , if need to do new scraping for same platform close and reopen the window .

3. since the software built in safe mode , why there’s proxy choice in google recursive searches ?

the proxy choice isn’t for safety but for better targeting results since :

google returns suggestions results based on three factors :

1. google Geo domain (.e.g. google.ca for Canada country )
2. keywords language (English or French or Russian …etc)
3. Ip Address of the user who searches on google .

Example if you live in US and target Germany market , will target google.de ,
Keywords in German language , and also needs German ip address for better results .

4. what is the difference between Google Auto complete and Google recursive searches ?

Google Auto complete (and other platforms) target keywords generated by Ajax and connecting directly to platform API , while google recursive target google searches pages suggestions .

Example if your keyword is “cheap laptop” , google auto complete target these :


while google recursive searches target these :


5. how many machines allowed per license ?

Two machines to install on allowed per license , and could transfer your license any time to new machine , from “Settings” click on “Deactivate license on this machine” and your license will be released and ready to use on new machine .

6. I have a problem with the software ?

contact us here